TCX S-Race Racing Black Motorcycle Boots

£199.99 £149.99


TCX Boots-  S-Race 

RRP £199.99


  • micro fibre with micro-injected inserts and padded front area for a better comfort and flexibility
  • AIR TECH lining, breathable
  • suede leather insert in the heel area for a better fitting
  • new polyurethane shift pad
  • new replaceable high-resistant alloy toe slider and polyurethane calf slider
  • elastic zip and velcro band
  • mid-sole antibacterial, reinforced
  • 3 colors injected sole with specific grip area
  • Torsion Control System (TCS)
  • Metatarsal Control System (MCS)
  • CE certification



Torsion Control System (TCS)

The Torsion Control System® has undergone modifications and been perfected, increasing its functionality and safety performance. The system has been noticeably updated and is now made up of 4 combined elements. The main structure has a double heel and a frame that allow lateral and longitudinal movement of the ankle, preventing torsion beyond natural limits and therefore protecting the joints from possible injuries. This main structure is connected to an X-shaped central body sewn to the upper, that connects the upper part to the lower part of the boot and guarantees excellent hold for the leg. The steel slider has been designed to protect the heel and favor the natural sliding motion in the case of a fall. 
Metatarsal Control System (MCS)

The Metatarsal Control System protects the toe area from possible injuries preventing the excessive flexion upwards and downwards. The new MCS features a unique PU structure designed to grant an improved flexibility of the toe area. The bending point has been shifted forward for a better flexure of the metatrasus and an increased feeling on the bike. The new repleceable toe slider is made of high-resistant alloy (zinc-aluminum). An increased lateral foot protection is offered by the hidden PU support joined to the Metatarsal Control System.


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