• Shoei Hornet Ds Pinlock Sonora TC-6 Motorcycle Helmet (Orange/White)



    Main Characteristics of HORNET-DS PINLOCK®

    Standardized PINLOCK® fog-free sheet


    PINLOCK® fog-free sheet in a high anti-fog performance is standardized to secure a clear vision.

    When PINLOCK® fog-free sheet with anti-fog performance is fixed to inside of a shield, C-49 PINLOCK®, an air chamber between a shield and a sheet also performs for anti-fogging in addition to characteristic of a sheet itself to secure a vision preventing a fogging.

    Aero-form for Best Aerodynamics

    Newly Designed Visor making Best Use of Wind

    A visor equipped with ventilation in center is positioned a little higher than ordinary motocross visor. Because of this, front edge of visor does not interrupt a vision and high visibility is secured. As for uncomfortable air resistance to a visor in high speed riding, load to neck during ride is restrained by applying wedge shape type to lead riding wind to rear without resistance. SHOEI's technologies accumulated through many wind tunnel experiments and riding tests realized redusction of drag by 6% and lift by surprisingly 77% compared with former model. *Comparison for in-house measuremnet data.


    Ventilation system of HORNET-DS provides various effects even in low speed riding such as cooling inside helmet and preventing fogging of shield realized by absorbing riding wind inside helmet. Newly designed upper air intake located in the center of visor secures comfort in high level together with front air intake in forehead.



    3-D Design with High Rigidity and Perfect Visibility.

    High rigidity clear shield using 2 mm thick polycarbonate is developed exclusively for HORNET-DS. Comprehensive study of radius of shield realized clear visibility with minimum reflection of light. A shield can be positioned in 4 positions including fully opened and fully closed positions corresponding to various riding scenes. Close contact with shell while closed is substantially improved to realize integration and avoid invasion of riding wind. Furthermore, when shield is removed, helmet may be used for off road run wearing goggle.



    Realizing Unique Masculine Mask.

    A nose cover in aggressive image is equipped with shutter mechanism for all round use. When a shutter is open, an absorbed air is distributed to mouth area and bottom end of shield to supply fresh air to mouth area and prevent fogging of the inner side of shield. A nose cover and filter equipped inside of a nose cover are designed removable and may be cleaned easily when they get dirty in off road riding.

    Impact Absorption Liner


    SHOEI's own semi dual liner which was favored for VFX-DT with dual performances of high impact absorption and ventilation is used as impact absorption liner.

    Lightweight Thought


    AIM structure satisfying both high rigidity and lightweight realized by accumulated test data and high technology of complex layers of various fibers is applied to a shell of HORNET-DS. Same as VFX-DT, 4 sized shell is developped to realize impact absorption performance and proper helmet size.


    3D polyurethane foam pad develpped for X-Eleven, SHOEI's top racing full face helmet, is applied to interiors of HORNET-DS. 3D processed pad fitting to shape of human head wraps head evenly and realizes comfortable fit and and proper hold corresponding to strong movement. For interior material, HYGRA(R), sfibric synthetic fiber in high moisture absorption and exhaust perforamcne and good texture mesh are used to correspond to sweat and need of quick drying after washing. All interiors are removable for easy cleaning and replacement for fine adjustment of size.

    Shoei Hornet Ds Pinlock Sonora TC-8 Orange Motorcycle Helmet

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