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    RaceLeathers Motorcycle Clothing prides itself on supplying stuff. Stuff for people who want stuff. Not just any old stuff but cool and useful motorbikey stuff. Stuff like helmets and jackets and pants and gloves and.... well.... Stuff! The very stuff that can make the difference between dusting yourself off and wondering how to get those scuffs off your bike or going off to the hospital to have some not so very nice stuff done to your throbbing sore bits.

    We started selling stuff over eBay from home over 10 years ago and we have become one of the UK's largest clothing and helmet retailers and are continuing to grow year on year (by supplying more great stuff to people who want it).

    The story so far: In 2004, Keith a biker for many years decided to buy a new bike. Upon getting this new bike, decided that he needed new stuff to wear and so the search began (on eBay) to find it. The stuff (bought cheaply but new on a very tight budget) finally arrived. It was...ok, and that was it, nothing special and kinda..... stuffy. He raised one eyebrow, scratched his chin and thought to himself "I'm sure that if I tried then I could do this.. but better". So off he went with a spark in his eye and a mission to fulfil. Soon after, a small range of stuff arrived and with a value for money ethos in mind, everything went on sale over eBay. The stuff was snapped up quite quickly by the savvy eBay bikers. The money quickly reinvested and more stuff was ordered. It was noted that some people really wanted to try stuff on for size and also touch/feel the stuff before they felt comfortable enough to use RaceLeathers because eBay feedback isn't the be all and end all so, a shop was opened in Darwen, Lancashire which enabled people to do just this. The stocks of stuff grew and grew in size until the place was stuffed. Then the shop expanded. RaceLeathers now encompasses the whole of the ground floor of Britannia Mill (an old weaving mill, a welcoming building full of character with stone floors and wooden beams amongst other stuff. The power of the internet allowed RaceLeathers to become more than just a shop selling stuff in Darwen. Today, RaceLeathers supplies motorcycle related stuff all around the world from Iceland to the depths of Australia and anywhere in-between.