Rev'it Element H20 Motorcycle Gloves


 A flexible knuckle and reflective insert on the cuff give the Rev'It Element 2 H2O Motorcycle Gloves its unique and sporty look. The lining and membrane make this full leather winter glove warm and waterproof, ensuring a comfortable ride in cold and wet conditions and patches on the fingertips allow a better grip on the handlebars. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable pair of all-round winter gloves.



  • Elastic at wrist - For a flexible fit.
  • Regular cuff length - Easy fit with most jackets.
  • Visor Wiper - For quick visor clearing in the rain.
  • Stretch lips at fingers and backhand


  • Adjustment strap at wrist - For personalised comfort.
  • Adjustment tab at cuff


  • Tour fit


  • PU injected knuckles and finger knuckles - REV'IT! gloves feature protection patches on the fingers and knuckles made of a hard PU protective compound. This keeps your hands as safe as possible in the event of an impact.
  • EVA foam at little finger, thumb, palm and cuff - EVA is one of the materials popularly known as 'foam rubber' or 'expanded rubber'. EVA is used as a shock absorber in many REV'IT products.
  • PWR|Aramid at palm


  • Fiberfill - Fiberfill consists of 100% polyester and offers excellent insulation. Fiberfill is light, so it does not weigh down garments. It's also resistant to moisture, it sheds water instead of absorbing it. Fiberfill is a man-made material and therefore anti-allergic and easy to care for.


  • Goatskin with WR finish - Tanned leather made from goatskin is considered extremely durable and is often used for gloves and other products that require a soft hide. Goatskin with a water resistant finish has undergone a process that makes it water-repellent and soil-resistant. The WR coating is bonded to the fabric at a molecular level, enhancing the fabric's natural water-repellence and soil-resistance, without altering how it looks, feels or breathes.
  • Synthetic PU leather - Providing a better durability than natural leather, this synthetic leather offers enhanced wearer comfort.
  • Suede leather with WR finish
  • Cowhide


  • Reflective material at cuff - Be seen when dark!


  • Push-pull tri-fleece liner - This polyester tricot fabric is used for glove lining, and brushed to provide extra warmth without adding any bulk. The lining wicks moisture away, to prevent hands from getting damp.


  • Hydratex | Z-liner - A waterproof layer is laminated onto a carrier to construct the REV'IT! Hydratex | Z-liner membrane. In turn, the carrier protects the membrane against wear-and-tear damage. The seams of the membrane are taped to ensure waterproofing. The Z-liner is constructed between the lining and the outer shell. The REV'IT! Hydratex | Z-liner membrane is used in garments that demand a high level of all-weather protection.