Oxford Premium Touring Heated Hot Grips Motorcycle OF691



Designed specifically to suit todays big Sport type bikes with 22mm (7/8") handlebars & can be trimmed to length if required.

1-piece switch/controller moulded construction ensures unrivalled performance and reliability.

Soft, ultra-grippy rubber provides comfort and feedback, that looks as good as your sport bike!

NEW V8 intelligent electronic temperature control comes complete with mounting bracket.

2 Part moulded wiring arrangement is both durable and discreet.

Standard features of the NEW V8 Switch/Controller unit.

Battery saving mode turns the grips off if you forget (no need to wire through the ignition) !

Saving mode also turns off when idling and the battery voltage drops due to high load.

Designed to fit 22mm (7/8") handlebars with 114mm to 123mm long original grips.

Battery saving mode can be enabled and disabled as required.

Raised & tactile Silicone buttons for use with gloved hands.

Rainproof switch unit sonically welded for total reliability.

Fits the original OF91 handlebar bracket if upgrading !

Sealed for life one piece controller & switch assembly.

5 Different heat settings for total comfort.

Grips can heat up to 50c.

Draws under 4 amps.

So easy to fit and wire up :-

NEW 2-part loom is easier to run (no pesky controller to feed through the chassis)

Grips and main loom simply 'Plug' into the controller wiring.

Only 2 connections to the battery required.

Included ..

1 x Sealed for life intelligent handlebar switch/heat controller unit.

1 x Metal bracket and fittings for mounting the heat controller.

2 x HotGrips left and right

1 x wiring loom, cable ties & grip glue for fitting.

1 x Instruction booklet and warranty form.