• Mens motorbike Motorcycle Stretch Denim Trousers Jeans 2 Lengths with Protective Lining

    £129.99 £99.99

    Mens Motorbike Motorcycle Denim Trousers Jeans with CE Approved Armours

    • Reinforced with a strong protective lining which is 4x more resistant than denim!
    • Supplied with CE-approved Knee Armour as standard.
    • Hip armour included
    • Fully breathable.
    • Unlike any other jeans available in the market, we do 2 lengths to suit various heights of individuals!

       Both tests assured the safety and protection for the rider.


    • These trousers have easy/relax fitting and provide more room with narrow bottom.
    • If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us!
    • They are available in two fitting:- Slim fit and Straight fit