• Knox Handroid Leather Motorcycle Gloves (Black,White)

    £229.99 £199.99

     Patented Exo skeletal flexible spines cover the vulnerable knuckles, fingers and thumb yet give full unrestricted movement. These link to a comfortable gel lined Metapod covering the metacarpals and offer added protection to the back of the hand. On the palm the successful Sport Scaphoid Protection System is enhanced by additional sliding systems on all sides ensuring that in the event of an accident the majority of contact with the ground are sliders and not leather. An additional inner cuff slider works to support and enhance the SPS sliding effect.

    Super strong and tear resistant Kangaroo leather covers the inside palm and fingers. The Handroid carries the most technical Knox Boa lacing system that allows precision adjustment around the whole cuff. The wrist system acts as an external brace and tightens equally from all sides. Just dial in the right torque for you. To release simply pull the dial.

    • Knox Handroid live exoskeleton finger & knuckle protection on fingers and thumb
    • Knox metapod protector
    • Knox Sport styled scaphoid protection system
    • Knox wrist & cuff sliders
    • Dialled in Boa lacing system
    • Kangaroo leather palm
    • Amara grip pad with silicon print for improved control
    • Japanese race quality drum dyed Aniline leather
    • Japanese polyester high tenacity thread
    • Superior fit and comfort