HJC I70 Semi Flat Pearl White Full Face Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Free Pinlock

£399.99 £169.99

This new sport-touring helmet by HJC features an aggressive sleek design and has a noticeably smaller shell creating a very compact and lightweight helmet.

The i170 features an inner, drop-down sun shield with an easy-to-use sun visor lever. In addition, the design features enhanced visibility through the helmet's visor aperture, by increasing the height by 10mm, creating better peripheral vision for the rider.

Other features include a durable centre locking system and speaker pockets for accessory communications systems as well as a wider spectacle/sunglasses groove.

The i70 is fully ventilated with five lower and upper vents, the airflow flushing heat and humidity up and out of the shell. 

A Pinlock lens is included.

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