Alpinestars Supertech S-M5 Rover MX Motocross Helmet - Black/Grey/Red Camo

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  • The all-new SM5 helmet is the result of more than five years of intensive study, development and testing. We scrutinized every possible aspect to engineer a helmet that is safe and thoughtfully designed to deliver optimal protection and comfort.

  • Heat mapping tests have resulted in specifically designed ducting which produces a positive flow into the helmet over and around the rider’s head, improving comfort while riding and reducing the on-set of heat stress in extreme conditions.
  • The visor design of the S-M5 is also an integral part of the ventilation system as it is profiled to direct airflow, acting as a channel to concentrate and smooth the flow into the shell. The Supertech M5 liner design is formed to optimize airflow channelling around the rider.

Emergency Release System (ERS)

  • The side cheek padding of the S-M5 can be extracted efficiently and safely, while the helmet is still on the rider’s head, to allow ease of removal by trackside support and medical staff.
  • Chin-strap: Wider than certification requirement: 26 mm for comfort and produced with a double D-ring.